Chinese mother searching for her daughter!

Please let me introduce myself to you. My name is Ping Yang, I am Chinese. My home is in Anhui province, China. I am 47 years old and the mother of two daughters. Currently I live in Australia. I speak fluent English. 

In 1998 I was pressured to give up my oldest daughter, I have been searching for her for many years. I feel deeply guilty, I dream about meeting her again one day. If she does not want to meet me, I will accept that but it would mean the world to me to know that she is safe and well. 

I hope that my daughter or someone who knows about her, reads this message and contacts me!

My story
My daughter was born on February 21, 1998 (lunar calendar). At that time I was unmarried. I managed to hide my daughter and take care of her for three months.Then my parents found out. They threatened to kill my daughter if I didn't give her up. I had no choice. 

I found a family who wanted to adopt my daughter. They lived locally which would enable me to keep track of my daughter. We agreed that I would leave my daughter in a certain location and that they would "find" her there. This would be done under the watchful eye of a friend who helped me. When the time came, the family did not turn up, instead the police came and took my daughter. My daughter was sent to the Wuhu County orphanage by the Qingshui Police Station at the end of May 1998. The Wuhu County orphanage was a small, local orphanage also called the Wangzhi orphanage, it no longer exists. 

I managed to visit my daughter a few times at Wangzhi orphanage. I heard that she had been given a nickname: Xiao Pang which means " chubby baby". One day my daughter was gone, the caretakers told me she had been adopted by a Dutch family. 

Recently I heard that the children from Wangzhi orphanage were transferred to the orphanage in Wuhu city for their adoption. I guess this also happend with my daughter. Not many children where adopted from Wuhu to the Netherlands, Wuhu stopped around 2001 with international adoption. 

Name adoptee: unknown
Date of birth (on the adoption documents): anywhere between February and May, 1998. 
Orphanage: Wuhu
Province: Anhui
Year of adoption: 1998/1999
Birthmarks: none

I submitted my DNA to two international databanks: 23andme and Gedmatch. If an adoptee wants to find out if there is a relationship between us, she can also submit her DNA to these databanks. This can be done anonymously, the matching is very accurate. 

My Contactdetails
Telephonenumber: 0401477230 (Australia)

Dutch contactperson:

Below you can see pictures of myself and my youngest daughter, who is a half-sister of the daughter I am looking for. 


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